Court Fees

Court fees

Court Fees

On January 16 2015, the Government announced it would be introducing 'enhanced court fees' for money claims, which include late payments, debt and compensation. This means a blanket 5% fee on businesses and individuals bringing claims worth between £10,000 and £200,000, with fees of up to £10,000 payable up-front.

Having participated in the initial consultation of December 2013, the Bar Council responded to the announcement by raising concerns about:

  • Difficulties for small and medium enterprises in chasing late payments

  • The threat to the attractiveness of the UK as a jurisdiction for litigation and dispute resolution, and

  • Access to justice for people with personal injury and professional negligence claims.

The Bar Council also raised concerns about the consultation process, during which no proper evidence was produced to support the Ministry of Justice's assertion that enhanced court fees would not impact the competitiveness of UK courts.

Campaign activities

Campaign activities have included:

  • Response to initial consultation

  • Media briefings around the announcement of the fee increase

  • Joint briefing to Parliamentarians with a coalition of organisations opposed to the fee hike

  • Letter signed jointly by heads and members of commercial chambers in opposition to the fees

  • Letters to Ministers in the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

  • Survey of members involved in commercial disputes and litigation

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