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Recruitment is a challenge that all professions and businesses face and it can be a time consuming and sometimes expensive necessity; even more so if you do not get it right first time. This is why the Bar Council chose to introduce a new recruitment portal: a recruitment solution in partnership with Intuition Recruitment, tailored for chambers. The recruitment portal will assist chambers in recruiting support staff from a wide pool of candidates, from all sectors and geographical locations. By widening the potential pool of candidates, chambers can improve the quality of those applying for opportunities, while ensuring that it is promoting equality, diversity and social mobility by seeking applications from all those who have merit.

This low expense one-stop recruitment portal provided by Intuition Recruitment will:

  • Be simpler for prospective candidates
  • Widen the pool of candidates
  • Alleviate time and pressure on you
  • Be more cost effective for chambers, and
  • Promote recruitment and equality and diversity best practise.

The portal is available to both applicants and employers.

Please click here to be taken to the Chambers Recruitment Portal and begin your recruitment process.

 Full recruitment service includes;

- Advertisement  on the portal website

- Advertisement on Intuition Recruitment LinkedIn page

- Advertisement on our preferred job board

- CV's sent unscreened to the hiring manager when requested

- Candidates CV's screened followed by interviews, pre-employment checks and then our top candidates selected are submitted to you.

Type of vacancy or salary

Price per role, excluding VAT

£0 - £15,000


£15,001 - £20,000


£20,001 - 35,000


£35,001 - +


Sourcing, interviewing and sending candidates for any positions is free of charge on the full service recruitment package and fees will not be due unless a formal offer of employment has been made and accepted by the candidate. 

For further information, call +44 (0)203 786 0050