The Equality & Diversity Officers’ Network (EDO Network)

The Bar Council's EDO Network:

  • Supports and assists EDOs and Data Diversity Officers (DDOs) in carrying out their roles

  • Shares good Equality & Diversity (E&D) practice between chambers, and

  • Identifies and addresses emerging E&D issues at the Bar.

Membership is free and you are eligible to join if you are an EDO, DDO or a clerk/practice manager in chambers

The Network offers:

  • Regular events, seminars and workshops on topical issues

  • LinkedIn group (online space to ask questions and share solutions), and

  • Easy acccess to experts on implementing good E&D practice in chambers, and sample E&D policies

For more details, contact Sam Mercer

Next EDO Network Meeting: Tuesday 27 March, 6:00pm at Bar Council  - 'Shared Parental Leave: Troubleshooting your revised parental leave policy'

At this EDO session we will have experts on hand to help you to ensure your revised parental leave policy complies with new BSB rules, supports parents in chambers and protects everyone from potential misuse.

Book your place online to attend this session.

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If you are unable to attend this session, but would like help with your policy, please contact

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