Bar Council

Bar Council Constitution

The Bar Council Constitution is available for download.

Bar Council Standing Orders

The Standing Orders for Committees of the Bar Council and the Standing Orders for Joint Committees are issued under the Authority of Regulations 12 and 13 of the Bar Council Constitution.

Bar Council members 2018

Bar Council 2018

NB: Paragraph 41a of the Standing Orders for Committees of the Bar Council states:


The Chair and Vice-Chair of the Bar are ex-officio members of all representative committees and any other committees appointed by the Bar Council except the BSB and its regulatory committees. Their membership does not contribute to the overall number of members.


Chair = Andrew Walker QC - Chair of the Bar 

Vice-Chair = Richard Atkins QC – Vice-Chair of the Bar 

Treasurer = Lorinda Long



Ex Officio Members

Rt. Hon Geoffrey Cox QC MP – Attorney General

Robert Buckland QC MP – Solicitor General

Max Hill QC – Director of Public Prosecutions

Michael Hayton QC – Leader, Northern Circuit

Nigel Sangster QC– Leader, North Eastern Circuit

William Mousley QC – Leader, Western Circuit

Michael Duck QC – Leader, Midland Circuit

Kerim Fuad QC – Leader, South Eastern Circuit

Paul Hopkins QC – Leader, Wales and Chester Circuit

Christopher Henley QC – Chair, Criminal Bar Association

Frances Judd QC – Chairman, Family Law Bar Association

Eason Rajah QC – Chairman, Chancery Bar Association

Michael Collett QC – Chair, London Common Law & Commercial Bar Association

Patrick Rappo – Chair, Bar Association for Commerce, Finance & Industry

Andrew Spink QC – Chair, Commercial Bar Association 


Inns Representatives 

Amanda Pinto QC – Middle Temple

Louise McCullough – Middle Temple

Joe Smouha QC – Middle Temple

Guy Fetherstonhaugh QC – Inner Temple

Rehana Popal - Inner Temple

Robert Rhodes QC – Inner Temple

William Boyce QC – Gray’s Inn

Manjit Gill QC– Gray’s Inn

John Goss – Gray’s Inn

Linda Turnbull – Lincoln’s Inn

Neil Mercer – Lincoln’s Inn

Janet Bignell QC – Lincoln’s Inn


Circuit Representatives

Richard Archer – Northern Circuit

Stuart McCracken – Northern Circuit

Gordon Stables – North Eastern Circuit

Nicholas Johnson QC - North Eastern Circuit

Mark Trafford QC – Western Circuit

Rachel Spearing – Western Circuit 

Rachel Langdale QC – Midland Circuit

Lisa Hancox – Midland Circuit

Charles Burton – South Eastern Circuit

Sara Wyeth – South Eastern Circuit

Rhodri Williams QC – Wales and Chester Circuit

Christopher Rees – Wales and Chester Circuit


Association Representatives

Caroline Goodwin QC – Criminal Bar Association

Greg Williams – Family Law Bar Association

Elizabeth Houghton – Chancery Bar Association

Richard Brent QC – London Common Law & Commercial Bar Association

Quentin Cregan – Intellectual Property Bar Association

Kieron Beal QC - Bar European Group

Rebecca Murray– Revenue Bar Association

Jessica Stephens – Technology & Construction Bar Association 

James Corbet Burcher – Planning & Environment Bar Association

Anita Davies – Constitutional and Administrative Law Bar Association

Ivor Collett – Professional Negligence Bar Association

Sean Jones QC – Employment Law Bar Association

Henry Webb – Property Bar Association

Alexandria Carr – Bar Association for Commerce Finance & Industry

Sonia Tolaney QC – Commercial Bar Association

Andrew Morgan – FDA - Crown Prosecution Service Section

Martin Nelson – Government Legal Service

Dr Mirza Ahmad – Bar Association for Local Government and the Public Service

Sarah Crowther QC - Personal Injury Bar Association


Elected: Queen’s Counsel (Self-employed)

Robin Allen QC

Nicolas Bacon QC

Paul Mendelle QC

Cathryn McGahey QC

Derek Sweeting QC

Nick Vineall QC


Elected: Junior Counsel over 7 years in practice (Self-employed)

Colin Andress

Chris Bryden

Sydney Chawatama

Celina Colquhoun

Gemma de Cordova

Tim Devlin

Neil Garrod

Jonathan Goulding

Max Hardy

Shobana Iyer

James Keeley

Eleanor Mawrey

Eleena Misra

Grace Ong

Alison Padfield QC

Andrew Granville Stafford

Daniel Sternberg

John-Paul Swoboda

Leanne Targett-Parker

David Christopher Taylor

Jacqueline Wall


Elected: Junior Counsel under 7 years in practice (Self-employed)

Tom Cockroft

Catherine Collins

Katherine Duncan

Richard Gibbs

Richard Hoyle

Rupert Jones

Francesca O’Neill

Francesca Perselli

Michael James Polak

Athena Markides

Benjamin Seifert

Anton van Dellen


Elected: Junior Counsel over 7 years in practice (Employed)

Tom Leech QC

Shelley Brownlee

Michael Jennings

James Kitching

Shareena Nobeen

Lucinda Orr

Richard Posner

Ryan Richter

Grant Warnsby



Elected: Junior Counsel under 7 years in practice (Employed)

Efe Avan-Nomayo

India Burnett 

Birgitte Hagem

Samuel Main

Charlotte Pope-Williams


Co-opted Members

Neil Hawes QC

Rhodri Thompson QC

Jennifer Agnew

Fiona Jackson

Bar Council meeting dates


Saturday 12 January - 10:00

Saturday 9 February -10.00

Saturday 30 March - 10:00

Saturday 11 May - 10:00 

Saturday 6 July - 10:00

Saturday 7 September - 10:00 meeting - 11:00 (AGM) 

Saturday 2 November - 10:00

Monday 2 December - 17:30

(Chair’s inaugural Speech) 


Saturday 20 January - 10:00

Saturday 3 March - 10:00

Saturday 21 April - 10:00

Saturday 19 May - 10:00 

Saturday 7 July - 10:00

Saturday 15 September - 10:00 meeting - 11:00 (AGM) 

Saturday 3 November - 10:00

Monday 3 December - 17:30

(Chair’s inaugural Speech) 


Saturday 21 January - 10:00

Saturday 4 March - 10:00

Saturday 22 April - 10:00

Saturday 20 May : 10:00

Saturday 8 July 10:00

Saturday 16 September - 10:00 meeting - 11:00 (AGM)

Saturday 18 November - 10:00

Monday 11 December - 17:30

(Chair's Inaugural Speech)

AGM minutes

AGM: 15 September 2018

AGM 2018 Minutes

AGM: 16 September 2017 
AGM 2017 Minutes

AGM: 17 September 2016
AGM 2016 Minutes 

AGM: 19 & 25 September 2015

AGM 2015 Minutes 
AGM 2015 Minutes (rearranged meeting)

AGM: 20 September 2014
AGM 2014 Minutes 

AGM: 21 September 2013

AGM 2013 Minutes 

AGM: 15 September 2012

AGM 2012 minutes
AGM 2012 agenda 

AGM: 18 June 2011
AGM 2011 minutes 
AGM 2011 agenda  

AGM: 12 June 2010
AGM 2010 minutes  
AGM 2010 agenda