Counsel magazine

Counsel magazine is the official magazine of the Bar.  The Bar Council owns Counsel magazine, but it is produced and published by LexisNexis. Bar Council members who pay the Bar Representation Fee (BRF) of £100 per year receive an annual subscription to the monthly magazine, as do others in the wider legal sector.


Counsel Magazine, the Bar's official magazine, is supported by an independent Editorial Board. Its role is to drive the direction of the editorial content of the magazine and to advise the current publisher, LexisNexis, on matters affecting its production. It is made up of barristers representing a wide cross-section of the Bar and is not part of the Bar Council's committee structure.

Michael Todd QC (Chairman of the Counsel Magazine Editorial Board) - Erskine Chambers

Mary Cowe - Guildhall Chambers

David Wurzel - Retired

Melissa Coutino - Senior Lawyer, MHRA Nutrition & EU Team DH Legal Advisers - Government Legal Department

Nigel Pascoe QC - Pump Court Chambers

Aoife Drudy - Senior Lawyer, Policing, Crime Reduction and Fire Team, Home Office Legal Advisers, Government Legal Department

Alice Bacon - Pupil at 3 Paper Buildings

Desiree Artesi - Thomas More Chambers

Georgina Blower - Farringdon Chambers

Haresh Sood - Trent Chambers

Rawdon Crozier KBG Chambers

Simon Hughes QC - Keating Chambers

David Barnes - Chief Executive and Director of Clerking at 39 Essex Chambers

Mark Hatcher - Special Adviser to Chairman of the Bar

Steve Rudaini - Head of Communications at the Bar Council