Our strategic aims

Looking ahead, we want to focus our efforts to achieve clear strategic aims, underpinned by three-year objectives. These are set out below. We recognise that we need to prioritise our activities so that we invest sufficiently in those which have the biggest impact, and are prepared to scale back or stop lower impact work.

We have set eight strategic aims that will govern everything we do in future.

Aim 1

To be a powerful influence on the development and implementation of Government policy in order to secure the highest standards of justice, equity, integrity, access and efficiency in our justice system.

Aim 2

To provide leadership to equip the whole Bar to meet current and future challenges; and to help barristers to maintain and enhance the quality of their work, adapt to changing circumstances and operate more efficiently and effectively.

Aim 3

To secure a sustainable role for the Bar as a key player in the maintenance of the Rule of Law and the efficient administration of justice as well as being the leading provider of high quality, value for money advocacy and specialist advice, and of candidates for the judiciary of the future.

Aim 4

To promote the work of the Bar in the interests of the Bar, the wider economy and society at large.

Aim 5

To promote equality and diversity across the Bar.

Aim 6

To promote and support the effective, independent regulation of the Bar through the BSB to ensure the highest standards of professional practice and to protect the public interest.

Aim 7

To work with the Council of the Inns of Court (COIC) and with each of the Inns to support their work in educating and training barristers, in maintaining the ethos and values of the Bar and helping them in their dealings with Government, regulators and other external audiences. 

Aim 8

To improve the effectiveness and the efficiency of the Bar Council to ensure that we can achieve these challenging aims.