What we do

We have a strong foundation on which to build. Below are some examples of our recent work.

  • We campaign for a fair and equitable approach to legal aid. The Bar Council has secured, through intense lobbying, significant changes to the scope of the Government's reform programme

  • We contribute to the development of the legal system through expert and highly respected responses to consultations, and through close engagement with Government and other stakeholders

  • We support the effective regulation of the Bar through resourcing and promoting the independence of the BSB

  • We help barristers to develop their business. We help chambers and barristers to adopt standard contractual terms (if they wish to do so), enabling them to have genuine redress in the event of being unpaid for work done. We have launched a third party escrow account service (BARCO) for barristers that will facilitate the BSB's entity regulation model and public access work

  • We promote new mechanisms for the Bar to get work. We promote the Public Access scheme and advise local authorities and other block purchasers on how best to access the Bar's services. We played a key role in the Unlocking Disputes campaign by promoting the Bar's role in securing London's pre-eminence as a centre for worldwide legal services

  • We promote high quality professional practice at the Bar. We provide a range of up-to-date notes on issues of the day affecting practice

  • We give access to a wide range of commercial 'affinity products and services'. We also publish a Taxation Guide specifically tailored to the needs of barristers

  • We communicate the views of the profession about matters affecting the administration of justice, law reform and the Rule of Law with Government, Parliament, the media and relevant EU institutions

  • We run an ambitious social mobility programme to promote greater diversity among the profession and support a variety of initiatives including the Bar National Mock Trial Competition, the Bar Pro Bono Unit and the Free Representation Unit

  • We provide an online gateway service for applicants for pupillage, and for chambers to advertise pupillages

  • We provide information for those considering a career at the Bar, including online material and free booklets. We attend law fairs to represent the Bar, and arrange for barristers to attend schools to publicise the Bar as a profession

  • We provide association management services to a range of Specialist Bar Associations, the South Eastern Circuit and the Institute of Barristers' Clerks, which exist to support the work of the Bar

  • We provide conferences, seminars and training sessions across the full range of interests at the Bar

  • We provide services directly to the Bar with the aim of providing benefit to professional and personal lives

  • We provide telephone helpline services offering guidance on ethical conduct, equality and diversity, pupillage and remuneration matters, and

  • We help barristers to recover £2m each year in unpaid fees.