Hear from the Advocates

Pupillage Fair 2018

The Bar Council's Pupillage Fair 2018, hosted at Bush House, held a session with four of the #IAmTheBar Social Mobility Advocates - Aadhithya Anbahan, Grace Ong, Sarabjit Singh QC and Natasha Shotunde - on their journeys to the Bar.

Watch the Social Mobility Advocates discuss their backgrounds and give advice for aspiring barristers: https://youtu.be/N6Bxfy4yXMA


Different Faces of the Bar 

Two #IAmTheBar Social Mobility Advocates took part in a live-streamed panel discussion entitled 'The Different Faces of the Bar' in December 2018. 

Watch the stream here for advice from Rachel Spearing, Natasha Shotunde, Chris Daw QC and the Secret Barrister on coming to the Bar from 'non-traditional' backgrounds: