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The Pupillage Gateway was devised by the Bar for the future Bar, and our aim has always been to make it as fair, transparent and responsive to feedback as possible, thus enabling best practice in recruitment. Pupillage providers must advertise their pupillage vacancies on the Gateway, and they can do so at any time of year. Chambers may elect to manage recruitment through the Gateway, in accordance with its timeline . Approximately half of all pupillage vacancies are managed via the Gateway, according to the following 2017/18 timeline:

CaptureThe Gateway is currently live

The benefits include of recruiting through the Pupillage Gateway include:

1. Efficient and easy to use: Gateway provides an interactive model for
pupillage applications, taking much of the administrative burden off
Chambers that struggle to keep up with the sheer numbers of applicants
2. Good audit trail: Gateway keeps a log of all activity including the full text of
any emails sent and changes to application and vacancy statuses, allowing
chambers to easily review each year's recruitment process.
3. Great equalities monitoring: Gateway provides a granular breakdown of
each pupillage vacancy's data, allowing Chambers to gain insights into the
diversity profile of each year's recruitment exercise.
4. High security: Gateway offers excellent, GDPR-compliant security, which is a concern for individual barristers and training organisations.
5. Cost effective: Gateway is remarkable value compared to other recruitment
methods Chambers might use.
6. Anonymised applicant data: Gateway allows Chambers to choose to have
their candidate data anonymised, so names and other personal details are
hidden with ID numbers. This is in line with recruitment best practice for
equality and diversity.

To find out more about the Pupillage Gateway and its benfits: