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Through 'Barristers in Schools', which is supported by the Council of the Inns of Court and the four Inns of Court, we offer barrister speakers to schools. Barristers participating in the scheme are happy to provide practical information, advice and guidance to students about what it takes to become a barrister, and to answer quesations about the Bar and what working as a barrister involves.

Every school in England and Wales is free to use this service, but priority will be given to state schools, particularly those in areas with low young participation in higher education, as defined by POLAR4 data.

If you are a barrister and would like to join 'Barristers in Schools', please email careers@barcouncil.org.uk, specifying:

  • Your chambers or organisation;
  • Your area(s) of practice;
  • Whether or not you would be willing to attend fee-paying schools as well as state schools; and
  • If appropriate, a summary of your route to the Bar (optional).

If your school would like a barrister to give a talk to your students:

  • Please email careers@barcouncil.org.uk or telephone 020 7611 1430. In doing so, please specify the location of your school and let us know if you would like a barrister to attend on a particular date.
  • For data protection reasons, we no longer publish a list of volunteer barristers; following a request, we will contact barristers in or willing to travel to your area, and let you know if one is able to attend.
  • If we are unable to arrange for a barrister to attend your school on a suitable date, please make use of the resources linked below. 


To assist barristers, teachers and careers advisers when speaking to students about a career at the Bar.

To receive hard copies of our 'Becoming a Barrister' brochure, please send an email request to careers@barcouncil.org.uk, with details of your delivery address.

Briefing Pack

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Powerpoint Presentation - Welsh

Becoming a Barrister - English

Becoming a Barrister - Welsh

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