University Law Fairs

With support from the Council of the Inns of Court, the four Inns of Court, COMBAR, the Chancery Bar Association, TECBAR and the LCLCBA, the Bar Council ensures that the Bar is represented at University Law Fairs in every Circuit. In most cases, fairs are attended by a representative from one of the Inns of Court and a practising barrister. By attending law fairs, we aim to:

  • Ensure that a range of students (both law and non-law) can access information on routes to the profession

  • Enable students to find out about funding options for the qualifications needed to become a barrister, and

  • Reach a broad range of students from low participation backgrounds.

You can find out which law fairs we are attending in the 2019/20 season here.

For more information, please email or telephone Rose Malleson on 020 7611 1396.

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Supported by The Council of the Inns of Court


Resources for students

Bar Council

Becoming a barrister

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Inns of Court

Gray's Inn

Inner Temple

Lincoln's Inn

Middle Temple

Case studies

Case Study 1: Kevin Gordon (Gray's Inn)

Case Study 2: Gurpreet Rheel (Inner Temple)

Case Study 3: Laura Gordon (Lincoln's Inn)

Case Study 4: Alan Bates (Middle Temple)

Specialist Bar Associations

Bar Association for Commerce, Finance and Industry (BACFI)

Commercial Bar Association (COMBAR)

Technology and Construction Bar Association (TECBAR)

London Common Law and Commercial Bar Association (LCLCBA)


You can find information about other Specialist Bar Associations and various practice areas here.