The Pupillage Fair

PF 2018

The Pupillage Fair is the only recruitment fair run by the Bar, for the Bar of the future, and is free to attend. It forms a key part of the Bar's commitment to fair access and to a meritocratic culture, regardless of background. The 2018 event was attended by over 70 chambers, employed Bar organisations and Bar affiliated organisations; and by over 400 barristers. More than 2000 students registered to attend the fair.

Please see here for further information about this event, including the programme and booking information.

Hosted By

The Bar Council is grateful to the King's College London Dickson Poon School of Law, who will host the event.

Date:    Saturday 26 October 2019

Time:    10:00-16:00

Venue:     Bush House, Strand, London, WC2R 1ES




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The Bar Council is equally grateful for the support of the following Specialist Bar Associations: The Chancery Bar Association ('ChBA'), the Commercial Bar Association ('COMBAR'), the Criminal Bar Association ('CBA'), the Family Law Bar Association ('FLBA'), the Employment Law Bar Association ('ELBA') and the Technology and Construction Bar Association ('TECBAR'). Their support enabled us to tailor exhibitor space according to practice area, and to run targeted panel sessions on specific areas of law.

Event Programme - The number of sessions at last year's Fair almost doubled on previous years - we delivered and filmed the following sessions:

  • 'Meet the Young Bar', run by the Young Barristers' Committee
  • 'The Application Clinic'
  • 'Exploring Different Practice Areas'
  • 'Life at the Chancery and Commercial Bar', run by the ChBA, COMBAR and TECBAR
  • 'Funding and Support from the Inns of Court', run by the Inns of Court
  • 'Life at the Criminal Bar', run by the CBA
  • 'How to Get Pupillage - Insider Tips on Making a Successful Application'
  • 'Life as a Civil Law Barrister' - supported by ELBA and TECBAR
  • 'Life at the Employed Bar' - run by the Bar Council Employed Barristers' Committee
  • 'Life at the Family Law Bar' - run by the FLBA
  • 'I am the Bar' - run by the Bar Council's #IamtheBar Social Mobility Advocates
  • 'Mature Students and Career Changers'
  • 'Applicants with a Disability'

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