Bar Quality Advisory Panel (BQAP)

The Bar Quality Advisory Panel - BQAP - is a non-disciplinary body that will receive referrals about a member of the Bar's performance from judges, instructing solicitors and barristers on the same legal team.

The panel will then be able to advise the member of the Bar concerned about his or her work, and how to improve things for the future. The Panel is intended to operate as an advisory body.

BQAP plays an important, non-disciplinary role in tackling examples of poor practice which fall short of a breach of our Code of Conduct. The panel will therefore raise standards of practice at the Bar and enhance our reputation for excellence. The Panel has no links to the Professional Conduct Committee of the Bar Standards Board.

The Panel has no coercive powers, however if the barrister refuses to co-operate, it may advise the referrer to make a complaint to the Professional Conduct Committee of the Bar Standards Board. 

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