Advanced Equality and Diversity Training

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CPD -  2.5

Advanced Equality and Diversity training has been developed for those with (i) a management role in chambers; and (ii) EDOs/those with responsibility for implementing the BSB's Equality and Diversity rules.

This course is specifically designed to enable chambers to comply with guidance on EDOs (page 13, para 13 - BSB Equality Rules Handbook) which requires EDOs to be trained in E&D.

Based on a deep understanding of how chambers work in practice, Advanced E&D training goes further than simply showing you how to comply with the E&D rules by explaining their purpose and their role in good chambers' management. As part of the course you will explore genuine E&D challenges in a chambers context. A basic understanding of E&D is assumed.

Once you have completed this course you should have:

  • a clear understanding of the BSB's rules
  • skills in dealing with E&D issues in chambers
  • a clearer idea of your own role in promoting E&D in chambers, and
  • knowledge of the opportunity a greater understanding of E&D resents for good chambers management.
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Thursday 24 January 2019 17:30-20:00 Bar Council, London

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Tuesday 12 March 2019 17:30-20:00 Bar Council, London  Click to book
Tuesday 14 May 2019  17:30-20:00 Bar Council, London Click to book


£100 (plus VAT) for those who have paid the Bar Representation Fee (BRF)

£140 (plus VAT) for those who have not paid the Bar Representation Fee (BRF)

If you would like to pay the Bar Representation Fee, please contact the  Member Services Department.

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