GDPR Data Breaches - Risks to Heads of Chambers

The Bar Council presents new GDPR training for Heads of Chambers

Data breaches are happening in Chambers every day. An email sent to the wrong person, a brief returned to the wrong solicitor, or file left on a train, a lapse of attention by a clerk or a barrister can lead to disaster for the reputation of their Chambers, and bad management of a breach can make things worse.

Are you confident that you and your chambers staff are managing this high-risk area properly?

Bar Council GDPR partner Briefed are helping Chambers across the country to deal with data breaches and the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) on a regular basis.

Delivered by Orlagh Kelly, Barrister and Founder of Briefed, the GDPR Data Breaches training session will:

  • Alert you to the potential risks which have arisen since the implementation of GDPR, using examples of current real-life data breaches from Chambers and barristers
  • Identify the dos and don'ts of data breach crisis management
  • Highlight specific issues and risks a Head of Chambers must be aware of

Book your place to ensure you're doing everything you can to mitigate the risk of data breaches in your Chambers. 




Chambers management package*


Thursday 4 April 2019 17:00-19:00 High Holborn, London 2 credits Registration Closed


£150 (plus VAT) for those who have paid the Bar Representation Fee (BRF)

£200 (plus VAT) for those who have not paid the Bar Representation Fee (BRF)

If you would like to pay the Bar Representation Fee, please contact the Services Department.

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