In-chambers and bespoke training

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Running an in-chambers course for more than 10 delegates can be beneficial to your chambers for the following reasons:

Training Cost saving - the cost per delegate is reduced

Travel Cost saving - no need for employees to travel any further than their own practice and incur extra costs.

Personalised training - running a course for a single set can allow the trainer to focus on specific areas relating to your practice.

Customised training - Getting a group together allows all training and learning to be focused on your practice and can discuss real and current issues.

Convenience - fit around the working schedule of the staff

Team Building - a room full of delegates from different areas can encourage greater teamwork, awareness and understanding of each other's role. 

Please click here for a complete list of the in-chamber E&D training that we provide. 

For more information, please contact the Training and Events team.

We are also able to organise mentoring training and group career coaching sessions on request. 

Please do talk to us if any of the above might be of interest.