Negotiation Skills for Barristers

Negotiation Skills for Barristers

1/2 Day Course | 4 hours



An interactive, practical workshop focusing on the application of the core principles and theory of negotiation to developed case scenarios. Included within the course will be an examination of different negotiation styles, an exploration of and when and how to use them and the deployment of tactics and strategies to achieve best possible outcomes.  These skills will be practiced and re-enforced, via a combination of short presentations, small group discussions and negotiation exercises with constructive feedback.

This course is aimed at self-employed barristers, clerks, practice managers and any chambers staff that wish to attend.

Course Outcomes

  • Participants will gain an understanding of core negotiation principles, theory and approaches and when to apply them to best effect in negotiations
  • Participants will develop their negotiation skills and gain greater confidence in their use through practical negotiation exercises and feedback
  • Participants will gain a greater understanding of the challanges and opportunities presented by negotiating through different modes e.g. telephone and email

Course Topics/Content

  • Core principles of negotiation and different models
  • Negotiation styles - how to develop an individual style and handling others' negotiation styles
  • Understanding BATNA, WATNA and identifying the 'zone of potential agreement' (ZOPA)
  • Using questions to identify interests, issues and barriers to agreement
  • Developing negotiation strategy - the use of tactics and counter tactics
  • Options creation, concession exchange and working towards agreement
  • Closing the deal and post agreement implementation
  • The importance /impact of communication (verbal and non-verbal) on the management of the negotiation (including by telephone and email)
  • Practical skills implementation, through exercises and a negotiation exercise.  Participants will receive feedback on their performance during these from the facilitator and other group members

Key Learning Outcomes/CPD

The Introduction to Negotiation Skills  course meets the following key learning outcomes for your CPD plans:

  • Legal knowledge and skills; 
  • Working with clients and others; and
  • Ethics, professionalism and judgement.


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£110 (plus VAT) for barristers' who have paid the Bar Representation Fee.

£190 (plus VAT) for barristers' who have not paid the Bar Representation Fee.

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Training materials

Important:  Training materials for this course are electronic, you must bring an electronic or printed copy with you.

You are requested to download or print the required materials beforehand so you'll have easy access throughout the training.

Further information

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