Managers Harassment training



This training has been developed by members of the Bar Council's EDSM Committee and Retention Panel. It includes a summary of legal and regulatory duties relating to harassment but is primarily designed to ensure appropriate management of incidents of harassment, through a series of practical case studies drawn from experience across the profession. It includes Active Listening skills.

This training complies with the requirements of the BSB Waiver Scheme (reporting exemptions for harassment advisors)

Who should attend

Those in a management role in chambers (including EDOs, Head of Chambers, Heads of Pupillage/Pupil Supervisors, Wellbeing officers etc.)

Learning outcomes covered

  • How harassment and inappropriate behaviours manifest themselves in a chambers context

  • The law on harassment and BSB rules on harassment

  • What a harassment policy should cover

  • Effective management of a harassment complaint (what you should do if someone reports an incident of harassment) including wider reporting obligations

  • Steps you can take to challenge inappropriate behaviours in chambers

  • Sources of support and advice available

  • Active listening skills, and

  • The role of a Harassment Advisor under the BSB Waiver Scheme.

Arrange Managers Harassment training In-chambers

Please ensure your read the  terms and conditions and privacy statement before booking.

We can offer this training in-chambers, including those chambers on circuit. Please contact  Training and Events for information on dates and pricing.