Public Access Sharpener

Public Access Sharpener

1 Day Course | 6 hours



This training is aimed at accredited Public Access practitioners who wish to further develop and enhance the skills required to empathetically, effectively and efficiently deliver services to their Public Access (PA) clients.

This interactive course builds on the knowledge, experience and skills gained either from the original PA course and from practical PA experiences by using a combination of short update presentations, practical case studies, small group reflective exercises and discussions.  

This course provides you with a clear reflective opportunity to discuss, review and assess if your individual PA business model is effective and profitable and in line with current best practice, regulatory and risk requirements.


Course Objectives

  • Developing more proactive and assured client skills to ensure that the objectives and expectations of your PA clients are both fully understood and exceeded.;
  • Sharpening your personal organisation and time management skills to ensure effective, efficient and profitable PA case/matter delivery;
  • Recognising and understanding the needs of vulnerable PA clients to ensure that their interests are fully protected;
  • Discussing and planning what additional resources, systems and processes are available to effectively support individual PA practices and PA clients; and
  • Discussing the merits and downsides of various PA business models and their respective risks to maximise opportunities and profitability levels.


Course Topics/Content

  • Gaining and developing PA insights - sharing and reflecting upon practical experiences;
  • PA in context within the profession and the legal landscape;
  • Update on regulatory requirements e.g. AML, risk, GDPR, new price transparency regulations etc;
  • Building a more profitable business model through:
    • Enhanced and practical scoping skills and fee estimation;
    • Negotiating fees in more complex cases;
    • Enhanced client care skills;
    • More efficient time management, prioritisation and case management;
  • Targeted Business Development plans and skills to enhance individual PA practice models;
  • Developing the skills and awareness when acting for vulnerable clients; and
  • Developing team skills e.g. working with the clerks/paralegals/PA's.


Key Learning Outcomes/CPD

The Public Access Sharpener course meets the following key learning outcomes for your CPD plans:

  • Legal knowledge and skills;
  • Practice management;
  • Working with clients and others; and
  • Ethics, professionalism and judgement.


Important notice

This course is a practical follow up from the original Public Access training. You are unable to take PA work without completing the original course.

If you have not attended the original Public Access course, please click here for course information.

Course dates

Day Date Time Location Register
Monday 4 November 2019 09:30-16:30 Bar Council, London  Click here to book
Thursday 13 February 2020 09:30-16:30 Bar Council, London Click here to book


£210 + VAT for barristers' who have paid the Bar Representation Fee

£280 + VAT for barristers' who have not paid the Bar Representation Fee

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Course material will be sent no later than one week prior to the course date.

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