Thrings LLP


Based in Swindon, Thrings specialise in the recovery of unpaid fees for professionals. Their experience in the sector means they achieve outstanding results through a sympathetic, subtle and quality driven process. They understand the complexities of barrister's business environments and the need for a consistently professional approach. The team is supported by a full service top 100 law firm, and provides:

  • A senior management led team with a proven track record on recovering Barristers' fees

  • Bespoke recovery software programmes and processes

  • Correspondence and processes tailored to client needs, dovetailing with the clerks or credit control team, following consultation with the Barrister (at no charge to you)

  • Individual reporting processes allowing the client to retain control of the recoveries procedure, with up-to- date case information, when and how the client prefers this (at no charge to you)

  • Highly competitive fixed fee charges for undisputed/undefended cases, and

  • A discounted hourly rate and fee transparency for any defended/disputed cases.

Please click here to view Thrings LLPs standard fee structure.

Do you pay the BRF?

In addition to the non-disputed debt recovery on the basis of their standard fee structure, Thrings LLP are offering the following additional services to those who pay the Bar Representation Fee (BRF):

  • Free initial consultation: discussion with the barrister or clerk over the case in question, strategy discussion, invoice and position review with preliminary advice at no charge, and

  • Discounted letters before action: where the letter before action results in full payment our charge will be the £40 as standard, however this will be reduced to £25 if payment is not made and we are instructed to issue proceedings to take the recovery further.

For further information:

Please contact

Ramona Derbyshire, Partner/Head of Recoveries
Tel: 01793 412581

Amanda Richardson, Recoveries Manager
Tel: 01793 412512