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Lexis Nexis offers an unrivalled set of services to help practitioners apply legal intelligence to meet thier clients' needs. There are over 60,000 organisations using LexisNexis services.

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In collaboration with the Bar Council, LexisNexis are offering webinars, LexisPSL and Lexis Draft.


Watch the latest developments, delivered by leading experts. They are available live on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile and you can watch the archived webinar at any time, for up to one year after the broadcast date. Their webinars are supported by Lexis Library - download case reports, transcripts and speaker slides.

SAVE UP TO £255 off the usual webinar subscription price - discounted price of £145 for members of the Bar who have paid the Bar Representation Fee (BRF), and £195 for all other members. 


LexisPSL combines tools, caculators, forms and precedents with a comprehensive news and current affairs service. Thier layered approach to research within LexisPSL gives you more control over how and when you access the level of information you need.

Up to 85% off practical guidance when you subscribe to three practice areas.

LexisPSL is available across a comprehensive suite of practice areas, click here to view.

 Lexis Draft

Lexis Draft is a unique Microsoft Word toolbar that provides multi-award winning citation checking and proofreading. It can create lists of authorities referred to in a current document, quickly and easily. Also Lexis Draft links to Lexis Library - the UK's most authoritative and comprehensive collection of annotated legislation, cases, forms, precedents and commentary from Butterworths and Tolley. 

50% off Lexis Draft multi-award winning citation checking and proofreading Microsoft Word toolbar.

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