Debt Recovery Panel

To support barristers with unpaid fees, the Bar Council has vetted a panel of solicitors' firms which provide debt-recovery services and come recommended by clients. The panel is not an exclusive list of those offering debt-recovery services for the Bar. These firms were selected based on recommendations from the Bar and their reputation We monitor closely the feedback from the Bar about their provision and capacity.

This independent panel of solicitors' firms has demonstrated an understanding of the demands of the Bar and the delicacy required when seeking to recover fees from the professional client, in particular the sensitivities around preserving long term commercial relationships. The Bar Council will have no involvement in the cases and its role is limited to promoting the availability of the panel. Neither does it endorse any particular service or firm.  

The panel provides a choice of payment options, with firms working on a no-win no-fee basis as well as at fixed up-front rates giving barristers choice, depending on their preference and circumstances. 

 Current firms on the Panel


Thrings LLP specialise in the recovery of unpaid fees for professionals. Their experience in the sector means they achieve outstanding results through a sympathetic, subtle and quality driven process. They understand the complexities of barrister's business environments and the need for a consistently professional approach.

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Veale Wasbrough Vizards LLP (VWV) is a full service commercial and private client firm with a national reputation in key sectors. At the core of its practice, however, is a focus on the client as an individual. It operates from offices in London, Watford, Bristol and Birmingham. It is nationally recognised for its strong litigation practice and debt recovery and provides their clients with a partner led team available to guide its clients in a cost effective and expert manner.

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As a specialist debt recovery and dispute resolution firm for more than 20 years, we have built up considerable expertise in what we do. We get results for our clients due to our exceptional experience.

By spending the time to get know our clients and their businesses we are in a better position to provide relevant and appropriate advice. Our clients have the confidence to trust what we are saying. That is why we have many clients who are still successfully using us for their debt recovery and litigation needs after more than two decades.

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