Judicial Careers

Are you thinking of a Judicial Career?

Most barristers think about becoming a judge at some point in their career. Whether in a part-time or full-time position acting as a judge can be a very fulfilling and of course it is a significant and responsible public appointment. 

The Judicial Office and Judicial Appointments Commission  regularly have:

  • open days

  • information events

  • selection exercises

The Bar Council will often circulate advertisements for these on Twitter or in the fortnightly newsletter BarTalk.

What should I do to prepare for application and appointment?

Before application, it is a really good idea to look at the resources available to help anyone considering a career in the judiciary, and to think hard about the best way to prepare. On this page there are key links to useful sources of information and advice.

Can you suggest a time-line within which I should get prepared?

There is no one time-line to follow.  However, many successful applicants for judicial appointment will have gone through a process like this:



Click here for more little more detail on the above timeline.