The Pre-Application Judicial Education Programme

PAJE - Landscape

The Bar is more diverse than the judiciary and we know judicial diversity, particularly amongst salaried judges, is still an issue. The Judicial Diversity Forum (which includes the Bar Council) has been working on this.

A Pre-Application Judicial Education (PAJE) programme has been developed by the Judicial Diversity Forum  to support those from groups under-represented in the judiciary.  Though, the Bar Council recommends all consider the basic programme based on our judgecraft syllabus.

The resources have been created by the Judicial College and are available here. They are available to any lawyer - irrespective of their professional background and whether they come from a group under-represented in the judiciary.  

Some of the PAJE online resources are supported by a course of judge-led discussion groups. As space on these courses is limited, the majority of places are currently reserved for those from groups under-represented in the judiciary (BAME, women, those with a disability and/or those from and/or lawyers from a non-litigation background), though it is possible that there may sometimes be spaces for those not in these under-represented groups.

For information about attending one of these groups, please click here or email: