Find a barrister

There are a number of resources available to help you to find a barrister.

Direct Access Portal

Many barristers now accept direct instruction from members of the public or companies without requiring instruction from a solicitor. 

The Bar Council recently entered into a new partnership with two barristers to launch a new Direct Access Portal (DAP)  website. The Portal provides details of all barristers who undertake work in this manner, who are appropriately qualified and have paid the Bar Representation Fee.

Juriosity - Online Bar Directory

The Bar Council has partnered with Juriosity to launch the new Bar Directory as an online only platform.

You can use Juriosity to find a barrister by searching for a range of criteria such as a particular name, chambers or specialism. 

Click here to view the Bar Directory.

In addition, Juriosity includes a knowledge centre containing articles and content posted by barristers and chambers. You can search here to find out which barristers are publishing on topics that are of interest to you.