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  • Bar Representation Fee

    Bar Representation Fee

    The Bar Representation Fee (BRF) funds the Bar Council's vital work in representing the Bar's interests and promoting and supporting fair access to and the administration of justice. All of the funds raised from the BRF are used exclusively for this work.

  • Annual Bar & Young Bar Conference 2016

    Annual Bar & Young Bar Conference 2016

    Save the date: The 2016 Annual Bar & Young Bar Conference will take place on Saturday 15 October 2016. More details and how to book your place coming soon.

  • Young Bar Hub + Toolkit

    Young Bar Hub + Toolkit

    Barristers in their early years of practice will be further supported through the development of a new toolkit and online hub, both of which address some of the key issues relevant to the Young Bar.

  • Direct Access Portal - Find a barrister

    Direct Access Portal - Find a barrister

    The Direct Access Portal, which acts as an online register, is the main hub for consumers, businesses and other organisations seeking to find a direct access barrister. The aim of the new website is to help drive more business to barristers.

  • Speak in Safety - Investigatory Powers Bill

    Speak in Safety - Investigatory Powers Bill

    The Investigatory Powers Bill threatens the safety and confidentiality of whistle-blowers and clients seeking legal advice. The Bar Council, NUJ and the Law Society host parliamentary event on 11 April, 17.00 to discuss risks.

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Latest guidance

28 April

(3 days ago)

Defence Statements and Skeleton Arguments

To draw barristers' attention to practical points relating to failure to draft defence statements and skeleton arguments


28 April

(3 days ago)

McKenzie Friends: Bar Chairman says consumer protection has to be paramount

The protection of consumers "has to be paramount" when it comes to unregulated, uninsured and untrained McKenzie Friends charging fees to people in court, the Chairman of the Bar, Chantal-Aimee Doerries QC, told BBC listeners.


YBC Workshop: The Specialist Advocate

4 June, 13:30 - 20:00

BPP University Law School 68-70 Red Lion Street London WC1R 4NY

Family Career Break Seminar

22 June, 15:30 - 19:30

Park Square Barristers 6 Park Square East Leeds LS1 2LW

Member benefits

The Bar Council provides a range of services to members of the Bar including over 500* exclusive Benefits and Services available to those who pay the Bar Representation Fee (BRF).

Bar Standards Board

The General Council of the Bar is the Approved Regulator of the Bar of England and Wales. It discharges its regulatory functions through the independent Bar Standards Board.