Equality & Diversity and Social Mobility

Sam Mercer

Robin Allen QC - Cloisters

Jo Sidhu QC - No 5 Chambers
Fiona Jackson - 33 Chancery Lane
Julian Picton QC - Hailsham Chambers


Grace Ong - Goldsmith Chambers
Eleanor Mawrey - 9 Gough Square
James Keeley - 15 New Bridge Street
Elaine Banton - 7BR Barristers
Jacky Chase - 25 Bedford Row
S Chelvan - No5 
Ruth Hughes - 5 Stone Buildings
Zira Hussain - Broadway House Chambers
Gordon Menzies - 6 Pump Court
Declan O'Dempsey - Cloisters
Simon Robinson - Five Paper
Faisel Sadiq - Ely Place Chambers
Jason Pitter QC - New Park Court Chambers
Neil Bullock - Coram Chambers
Jacqueline Caspi - 1 Gray's Inn Square
John Passmore QC - Quadrant Chambers
Emma Nott - Public Defender Service
Katy Rensten - Coram Chambers
Gemma de Cordova - Tanfield Chambers 
Sam King - 4 Paper Buildings 

Neelam Sarkaria - Chair, Association of Women Barristers
Michael Duggan QC - Littleton Chambers


The Equality and Diversity and Social Mobility Committee's mission is "To identify and seek to address barriers and assumptions that (i) inhibit the progression of those with a protected characteristic[1] or those from a non-traditional background into and within the profession; and (ii) individual access to justice'.

The Terms of Reference are:

a. To ensure the Bar Council as AR implements and fully meets its public equality duty and ensure co-ordination of equality and diversity work with the BSB;

b. To lead the development of Bar Council equality and diversity policy and guidance for the profession

c. To undertake initiatives to widen access and strengthen diversity in the profession;

d. To provide advice and assistance to Bar Council in highlighting and considering barriers to accessing justice that are connected to protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010


Disability Panel

Chair: Julian Picton QC. This group aims to promote disability access throughout the profession, the Inns of Court and justice system, to develop guidance for practitioners on reasonable adjustments, legislative and regulatory disability obligations and through the Panel of Disability of Advisors, offer guidance to disabled law students and barristers.

Guidance and Legislation Panel

This Panel is chaired by Rachel Crasnow.

The Panel aims to advise the Bar Council and the profession on all matters relating to the implementation of and compliance with statutory equality duties and on best equality and diversity practice.

Retention Panel

This Panel is Chaired by Fiona Jackson.

The Retention Panel aims to increase the retention of women in practice and to advise on all matters relating to retention issues at the Bar.  The Panel organises a seminars for those managing a family career break.  Guidance  in the form of checklists are available for those taking maternity leave or career break.  For further details contact Sam Mercer.

Training Panel

The aim of this Panel is to develop, deliver and cascade introductory and advanced diversity training to the profession.