Senior management team

The three directors head different strands of the organisation.

Stephen Crowne

Stephen Crowne is the Chief Executive of The Bar Council. 

Stephen Crowne joins the Bar Council with wide-ranging experience of public and private sector leadership.

For the two years prior to joining the Bar Council he was Senior Director, Global Education at Cisco, supporting the transformation of education systems around the world to meet the needs of the 21st century. Stephen was responsible for developing education strategy and leading implementation.

Prior to that he was, for five years, Chief Executive of the British Educational Technology & Communications Agency (BECTA), the UK Government Agency charged with promoting technology in learning. He was responsible for advising the Government on strategy, driving improvement across the system, establishing value-for-money procurement arrangements and executing innovative programs such as Home Access, which provided computers and connectivity to over 200,000 children in low income families.

Before BECTA, Stephen was a senior civil servant in the UK Department for Education, working extensively on strategy and programs to raise school standards, and culminating with a spell as interim Director-General for Schools. In various roles he led on central Government intervention in failing local authorities, the development and implementation of the innovative Building Schools for the Future Program, and overall schools funding strategy. He was also the first Chief Executive of the Further Education Development Agency (FEDA), a body established to provide management development and curriculum support to further education colleges in England.

Stephen has a degree in Modern History from Cambridge University. 

Paul Mosson and Phil Robertson

Director of Services - Paul Mosson 

Director of Policy - Phil Robertson

Director of Communications & Marketing - Steve Rudaini