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The Bar Council created the Bar Mentoring Service in 2014 as an umbrella service consisting of different mentoring schemes designed to meet different needs of the profession.

At present, the Service offers four schemes to assist those seeking to join the Bar (access), stay in practice (retention), or to secure silk or judicial appointment (progression).

The four Schemes at present are:

  • e-Mentoring Scheme supports students in Years 12, 13 and first year undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds, interested in pursuing a career at the Bar.
  • General Mentoring Scheme  supports employed and self-employed barristers who are interested in establishing and building their practice. 
  • Maternity Mentoring Scheme supports barristers who are either contemplating a career break, are currently on parental leave, or are returning to practice.
  • Silk & Judicial Appointments Scheme supports established barristers seeking judicial appointment or are considering applying for Silk. 

Mentors are all volunteers and members of the Bar. 

If you would like to receive further information or have any questions regarding the schemes listed above, please contact the Bar Mentoring Service via email (  

Please Note: New schemes are piloted for 12 months. During the pilot phase, we limit each scheme to 20 pairs, and feedback is sought on a regular basis in order to improve and develop the scheme to meet the needs of its users.