Equality and Diversity Training

The Equality and Diversity Training programme has been developed with the assistance of the Bar Council's Training Panel.  For details of our Equalities Training Programme for 2017 please see below:

Introduction to Equality and Diversity Training (Toolkit)

The Introduction to Equality and Diversity course has been developed by members of the Bar Council Equality and Diversity Committee as a practical aid to chambers. The session aims to raise diversity awareness through a series of practical case studies drawn from the experience of applying equality and diversity policies in chambers plus a summary of the legal and regulatory duties.  It is designed for barristers, chambers' Equality and Diversity Officers, practice managers and clerks. 


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Advanced Equality and Diversity Training for EDO's and Chambers' Managers 

Advanced Equality and Diversity training has been developed for those with (i) a management role in chambers; and (ii) EDOs/those with responsibility for implementing the BSB's Equality and Diversity rules.

This course is specifically designed to enable chambers to comply with guidance on EDOs (page 13, para 13 - BSB Equality Rules Handbook) which requires EDOs to be trained in E&D - please click here for more information.

Based on a deep understanding of how chambers work in practice, Advanced E&D training goes further than simply showing you how to comply with the E&D rules by explaining their purpose and their role in good chambers' management. As part of the course you will explore genuine E&D challenges in a chambers context. A basic understanding of E&D is assumed.

Once you have completed this course you should have:

  • a clear understanding of the BSB's rules

  • skills in dealing with E&D issues in chambers

  • a clearer idea of your own role in promoting E&D in chambers; and

  • knowledge of the opportunity a greater understanding of E&D presents for good chambers management.  

This training carries  2.5 CPD hours.

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Family Career Breaks Seminar

New dates coming soon. 

This course is aimed at:

  • Barristers before taking a Career Break to have a family (for women considering maternity leave; men considering paternity leave; prospective adoptive parents and male or female primary carers)

  • Barristers during and after a career break (for women who have taken maternity leave; men who have taken paternity leave; adoptive parents and male or female primary carers)

  • Clerks and Practice Managers interested in ensuring chambers' practices support Barrister parents and those who want to ensure compliance with BSB rules, and

  • Equality and Diversity Officers wishing to support colleagues.


The programme will include advice on:

  • Negotiating your exit/return with Clerks/Chambers

  • Putting your practice to bed/re-starting your practice: Managing your clients; complying with the BSB and managing CPD

  • What to think about before and after your break

  • Ethical challenges and complying with BSB rules (including Q&A)

  • Navigating Chambers' Policies: Your rights (including Q&A)

  • Exploring all your options on return

This event carries 3 CPD.

There will be a nominal charge to attend:

  • £15 + VAT for those who have paid the Bar Representation Fee (BRF)

  • £35 + VAT for those who have not paid the Bar Representation Fee


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For any additional information, please contact Marisa Dineen on MDineen@barcouncil.org.uk or 020 7611 1324.